Aerotel MDCURE Back Pain Relief Therapy

Aerotel MDCURE Back Pain Relief Therapy
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MDcure(r) by Aerotel Delivers long-lasting back pain relief and relief to muscular aches and pains

  • MDcure is NOT a cheap TENS-based devise which only temporarily masks pain.
  • MDcure is a Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapeutic massager which actually relieves pain when used as directed.
  • MDcure treats muscular aches and pain associated with strains pulls tears tension spasms and overuse; repetitive motion injuries; poor posture; prolonged sitting and weak core muscles.
  • MDcure increases blood flow and profusion to accelerate the body s natural healing processes.
  • MDcure is easy to use and can be self-administered by patients while at home.
  • MDcure can be self-applied to the lower back and to other areas of the body.
  • MDcure may mitigate the need to use costly and potentially habit forming pain killers.
  • MDcure may mitigate the need for costly and complicated back surgery.
  • MDcure is produced in an ISO-13485 facility and is FDA Class 1 listed.